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To Wild

Outdoor Learning

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Nature classes for children
and their caregivers

Welcome to our outdoor learning program, where we believe that nature is the best classroom! Our lessons are designed to connect children with the natural world around them and encourage exploration and discovery. Our program is seasonal, meaning our lessons rotate every nine weeks to reflect the changing seasons and the unique learning opportunities they provide.

We encourage parents or caregivers to participate in our program alongside their children. By working together, we can provide a safe and supportive learning environment that promotes learning and fun!

We offer drop-in sessions, so your family can join in at any time during the nine-week period. Additionally, we provide free pop-up playdates and community activities to provide opportunities for families to engage in outdoor learning together. We believe that learning doesn’t have to be confined to a classroom and that children thrive when given the chance to learn and play in the great outdoors. Join us in exploring and discovering the wonders of nature as a family or team!

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