Our Program

Wild Wonder Learning



To unite children and their caregivers with nature and their communities in the most playful and imaginative ways.


At Wild Wonder, we hope to open doors of curiosity for young children so that they can feel free to explore their world, make mistakes, and engage with members of their community, all while reaping the benefits of being outside in nature.


At Wild Wonder, we believe in making the outdoors accessible to all, starting from an early age.  We believe in being inclusive, welcoming families of all shapes and sizes to discover the joy of learning about nature and their communities, and the impact they can make on the world around them.  We believe that everyone learns at their own pace, in their own way, and patience, open mindedness, and saying yes are vital to growing bodies and brains.  We welcome open conversations, questions, ideas, and fresh realizations.  Play is the keystone of our learning, and we encourage children and their caretakers to utilize the tools nature has provided to play and explore their environment.

About Julie matthews

Julie Matthews is a nature play leader in the Grand Junction area.  She developed a love for watching her children grow through their engagement with nature, and wanted to bring that same passion to her community.  Julie has previously taught improvisation and the power of saying yes to adults in Texas, and has found that children are natural improvisers, and their love of play leads to incredible discoveries and learning moments. 

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